Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kangertech CUPTI 75W All in One Sub Ohm Kit

Kangertech CUTPI 75 Watt is the newest creation in ALL IN ONE Kit style. CUPTI is a very compact looking device, we can say looks pretty much alike Kangertech NEBOX. Kangertech CUPTI can be called as an upgrade or an improved version of the NEBOX as a lot features and look as are similar. But of course it has a lot new feature too. Here is a picture view of New Kangertech CUPTI.

What is new in Kangertech CUPTI 75W?

Unlike Kangertech NEBOX, New Kanger CUPTI has  adjustable air flow control system which was most demanded features in all in one kit, after Kangertech launched the NEBOX. The air flow control system of CUPTI is located right on the top under the mouth tip. The device is good for both mouth to lung and Direct to lung vaping.

Kanger CUPTI has an easy battery changing system . In NEBOX it was really hard to change the battery, First, you had to unscrew the bottom part with a coin on screw driver; which was a lot tedious. Kangertech  has taken care of that issue in new Kanger CUPTI. The new battery change system in CUPTI is fairly simple, the device has a slide latch system at the bottom, which can easily slide away with the thumb and open.

New Kanger CUPTI has a very unique tank system. It is leak free and has Pyrex Glass, which is replaceable. Unlike Nebox , CUPTI can be filled from top. Top refill unscrew the mouth piece and the whole coil and chimney comes out. The coil is attached to the chimney.  After you have pulled out the chimney and mouthpiece, you can simply pour the ejuice into the tank to the said Max mark. After you have filled the ejuice submerge the chimney with coil down and screw it back in. You are good to go!

CUPTI Features 75 Watt power: Not a very huge power, but yes a lot of daily usage as all in one kit. So it could be an ideal all day vaping starter kit for stealth vaping. With 75 Watt power given Kanger CUPTI has the Temperature control mod technology, It supports four modes for temperature control, there are the usual Nickel, Ti and SS mode. Kanger has added a fourth and new Mode, Notch Coils (NC)  Mode for using Notch Coil. Which means Kanger will bring the new NOTCH coils in market along this device.
Some more features  that might be new:

  • Updated Surface finishing.
  • Metallic body
  • Improved body design
  • Wide Mouth tip
  • Top Display
  • Top Adjustment button
  • 75 Watt power
  • Optional CLRBA (RBA head)

For the vaper who definitely want an all in one system, for daily to go vaping Kangertech CUPTI might prove an ideal device as it has been updated and improve on a lot of the aspect. But there is always a room for improved in perfect creation too. !
Happy vaping.!
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Best Vaping Kits Under $50 | Fathers Day Gift Vaping Kits

Vapor Starter Kits  are something every beginner or enthusiast vaper is looking for, of course, looking at a very affordable cost. Vaping has come far away  from where it had taken off, it has become a huge Vape Industry and hence sustains the need of people changed. We totally hold our own specific vaping preferences and likes, similar to the style we choose Vape juices. Now a day  we prefer more sub ohm vaping kits than the regular ones, but we even hold a bunch of people who love using regular e cigarette kits. From the regular vaping kits I mean which do not have very low ohm atomizers. Keeping in mind the demands of all varieties of E cig users, we have attempted to sieve out some fresh and cheap  sub ohm and basic vaping starter kits ranging under $50, so you can say some cheap and best e cigarette starterkits. 

If you are planning to  buy it as gift on coming Father’s day on June 30, you can find some cheap and very usefull father’s day gift options, or otherwise  gifting some friend or family to help stop smoking  these would be your best Vape gift options

1.      Eleaf iJust Start Kit ( Starting $21.99)

Eleaf iJust start is a latest beginner level e cigarette starter kit from Eleaf ismoka.
This kit is available in 5 very fancy and elegant colors. Kit comes with 1300mah battery and 16.5mm GS air 2 tank. It holds a decent battery capacity for regular e cig user if you are light vaper, but if you are heavy vaper, eleaf Ijust start has a second model Eleaf  ijust start Plus with 1600mah battery and 19mm GS air 2 tanks.
ELeaf iJust Start kits are truly simple single button operation, which any age vaper can understand fairly well.

Buy Eleaf Ijust Start Kits Here>>


  • Easy to operate ecig battery
  • Easy refilling
  • 5 different color choices
  • Replacement coils cheap

2.        Kanger SUBVOD Kit (Cost $28.99)

Kangertech is a renowned brand in E cig Indusrty. To bring the sub ohm vaping experience just using regular e cig starter kit, kanger tech has introduced Kanger SUBVOD Kit. Kanger SUBVOD is a beginner level sub ohm vaping  kit, it features TOP filling tank (3.2ml ) with 1300mah battery.  Really Simple Operation one button control sub ohm battery, micro USB charging. Available in 6 colors

Buy Kanger SUBVOD  kit here >>


  • Top filling tank
  • Taste and vapor production is huge
  • Easy to operate
  • New SSOCC coil (great for flavor)
  • Sub Ohm enabled

3.        Eleaf IStick Basic – All in One kit ( Cost $27.99)

Eleaf introduced the all in one box style E cig Starter  ; Eleaf iStick Basic. This is definitely really basic like it's name. It  is designed in  a way that it encloses the tank (GS Air 2 tank)  within it, with magnetic attachment thread. Really great ergonomic handy design.


  • 2300mah Large Battery capacity
  • Basic Sub ohm enabled (0.4ohm)
  • All in one style
  • Lower risk of breaking tank glass by dropping

4.       Innokin Endura T18 Kit (Cost $27.99)

Innokin Endura T18 use the Optimized out e cig battery  and top fill prism tank. The Endura coils are great for flavor and helps not getting dry hit or nasty flavor. Innokin Endura 18 is great for beginner vapers. If you aspirant for larger battery life Endura kit by innokin has an upgraded model for little bit more costInnokin Endura  T22. Endura T22 has larger battery and larger tank liquid capacity.


  • Simple operation
  • Available in various colors
  • Prism tan for great flavors

5.       Eleaf iStick 60W Starter kit (cost $46.99)

Eleaf istick 60W is full box mod style Sub ohm Kit. Kit has 60 Watt maximum out and can take Ti (Titanium) , Ni 200 (Nickel) and regular Kanthal coils in the Melo 2 tank(comes  with the kits).
So this kit for full vape enthusiast  and kit has temperature control feature. It takes 1 x18650 battery.


  • Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • Top Filling Eleaf Melo 2 tank
  • Temperature control enabled mod

6.      Kanger NEBOX mod Kit (cost $49.99)

Kanger NEBOX mod kit is a true all in one  e cig starter kit with huge 10ml ejuice capacity. This kit is for advanced vapers has temperature control technology and takes 1 x 18650 battery. Kit is great compact box mod style kit.
It is great father’s Day vaep gift if you want to help your father stop smoking!


  • All in One kit
  • Huge 10ml ejuice capacity
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • Sub ohm vaping
  • Temperature control vaping
  • Compact Pocket size mod

7.       Kanger SUBOX Nano Starter kit (cost $49.99)

Kanger SUBOX Nano is remarkable sub ohm vaping starter kit. It has popular Kanger SUbtank Nano in kit with 50 Watt subox nano mod. Kit take 1 x 8650 battery.


  • Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Replaceable battery
  • Popular sub ohm tank.

Deal of the day

SNOZZBerry ejuice 

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How to Use Sub-Ohm Kits Safely

When used correctly, sub-ohm vape kits can dramatically improve your e-cigarette experience. There are a few available on the market, but you first have to understand a little about how sub-ohm modifications work and how to safely use them. Learning about sub ohm vaping could prevent facial burns or battery explosions.

How Does a Sub-Ohm Kit Work?

A sub-ohm kit utilizes coils that operate below one ohm. Most traditional vape kits available operate above one ohm. Ohms translate into resistance, so as resistance is lowered, the amperage and heat output of your device increase. In terms of your vaping experience, this means a denser, more product-rich cloud of vapor. However, it also means increased strain on your battery and a greater chance for something to go wrong. This is why understanding the safety aspect of these modifications is so important.

How Can I Use One Safely?

The number one rule of thumb for these kits is to keep your mod clean. This means all vents, all contact points and, most importantly, the switch. Another important rule to keep in mind is to always use a well-vented mechanical mod. That increased heat output needs somewhere to go, after all. When in doubt, more ventilation is always better.

It is also important to remember that sub-ohm coils produce much more vapor than traditional, fixed-voltage devices. This means denser vapor clouds and more nicotine per hit. If you decide that sub-ohm vaping is for you, make sure you adjust the nicotine levels of your juice accordingly. A decent starting point is roughly 6 milligrams of nicotine per 1 milliliter of juice.

Sub-ohm vaping may sound like a complex undertaking, and it certainly isn't for everyone. However, if you keep these safety tips in mind, a sub-ohm vaping kit can really take your vaping experience to the next level.

 60ml ejuice for $21

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 5 E juices of 2015 | Best Seller E liquids

Year 2015 had been a big year for vape industry. We had alot of ups and downs, but yes we made it through flying colors. ! We have crushed the crushed the various on coming hindrances in our way like a boss. Through out this whole 2015 we have sold thousands  of e juice,  here we will be listing some top customer favorite e juices from year 2015 sold at 

1) Milk  -  Glas Vapors :  Glas Vapors top seller e juice Milk is not very differently created flavor, its mix of Strawbery and cream but it was loved by customer over any other flavor of same flavor profile this year.     
Milk - Glas Vapors

2) Bird Brains  - Cuttwood :  Bird Brains from Cuttwood is Fruit cereal flavor folloing the cereal flavor trend of 2015. 

Bird Brans - cuttwood

3) I love Donuts - Mad Hatter : A refreshing change to desert flavor category by Mad Hatter E juices. i Love donuts was customer favorite through out year...

i Love Donuts

4) Revel - The Cloud Company : An interesting mix of  Fresh berries and Cream . tp give smooth fruity exhale. Revel was top seller from Suicide Bunny's new line The Cloud Company .

Revel - The Cloud Compnay

5) Symmetry Six - Five pawns Vapor Liquids :  A new Mix of Sugared rhubarb and strawberries by five pawn e juice was  also a good seller.  

Symmetry Six - Five Pawns

Check out the latest E juices and best selling e liquid at Free Shipping No Mini mum order anywhere in USA.
What was your favorite  flavor comment below. Add your feedback and more flavor you would like us to carry at - Affordable Branded Ecig Store.

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Crush Your Smoking Habit: How to Quit Smoking by Using Vapes

Life is stressful. We’re taking care of our own goals, and we try to help our friends and loved ones, keep our careers on track, manage finances, and get ever healthier both physically and mentally—it’s a lot. All these and more demand our attention. So if you’ve found that smoking helps to quiet your racing mind, mask your insecurities, and reduce your stress you’re not alone.

But you’ve decided it’s time to make a change.

It is possible to quit smoking. The fact that you’re here researching ways to quit smoking is a great step you should be proud of. You’re turning your thoughts in to actions. Having a positive mindset and acting on it is what’s going to get you there.

Where do you start? How do you conquer the Everest that is quitting smoking? We try to replace as much of the smoking habit as possible. Many have found success by using an electronic cigarette. It’s very hard not to smoke when everyone around you is. When we try to quit, we usually have to stop hanging out with our smoker friends if we want to be successful. Not with e-cigs. Vaping allows you to continue the mechanical action of smoking. You’ll feel like you’re smoking, but without inhaling the thousands of chemicals found in analog cigarettes. Plus, while you’ve quit smoking you won’t have to quit your friends.

There’s no need to worry about the vapor from e-cigs, it’s not harmful. There are three parts to every e-liquid: the nicotine, the flavor, and the carrier fluid. It can take up to 30 seconds to start feeling the nicotine and up to two minutes for the full effect to take hold. The flavors used in e-fluids are the same found in baking products and commercial candy. Those flavors are completely safe for consumption. The carrier liquid is usually vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless liquid produced from plant oils, typically palm, soy, or coconut oil. It’s used in food for sweetness and moisture and in cosmetic products for skin hydration. Propylene glycol is also found in many foods and beverages.

Most vape users start off at a high nicotine level when they’re still getting off traditional cigarettes. When a beginner graduates to a device that produces more vapor, they don’t need as high a concentration of nicotine to be satisfied. This allows the user to start stepping down the nicotine in their refill liquid. Eventually, a person will hit zero and no longer crave nicotine! Also, the less nicotine used in e-liquid makes the fluid taste better—and there are lots of great flavors to choose from.

Once you’ve gotten to the point of vaping with zero nic fluid, you’ll have a choice: continue to vape with all the fun flavors or easily wean yourself from the action of using the e-cig. Either way, you’ll be free of nicotine and the thousands of cigarette chemicals you were addicted to! With many different e-cig options to choose from, it won’t cost you much to comfortably quit over a matter of months. As you go forward in this process, remember not to be too hard on yourself—you do what you can when you can.

If you’re ready to make the first step to quit smoking cigarettes, shop with now for tons of options! We’re here to help you every step of the way!